Aeternum Galaxy Ring - Sterling Silver

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Aeternum rings are full of “stars”, made with the intention of being a symbolic memorial ring for those that can’t or don’t want to include DNA elements.

*** Please note - these rings do not contain any of your own elements. If you wish to add your own inclusions please order our Altheon ring. ***

The wearer can look at the sparkly stars and imagine where their loved one may now be resting in peace.

These striking galaxy rings are hand crafted using sterling silver and jewellery grade resin.


Item Details  

Material: Sterling silver ring with jewellery grade resin.

Colours: Galaxy style as pictured - please note that due to the hand crafted nature, each ring will be totally unique and the image here is an example only.

Shapes available: Round 7mm bezel

Bands available: Twisted or Plain

Sizes available:  H to T 1/2 (US 4 to 10)

Stock available: Made to order

Customisation available: yes

Current Turn Around Time: 6-8 weeks


Finding Your Ring Size

Most local jewellers will offer a free finger measuring service. If you prefer to find your ring size at home this is a very useful link.