How to Order & FAQ


  • Choose a keepsake from our product range 
  • If you have selected a ring and do not know your size we recommend visiting your local jewellery store, they will be able to accurately confirm your size
  • Please include your colour choices and any design notes in “add notes to order”
  • Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email with the instructions for mailing your elements to us. 
  • Once we receive your package, it takes between 4-8 weeks to complete your order. The time frame varies upon the type of jewellery and our current order load.


What are the keepsakes made of?
We take your treasured DNA elements (ashes/hair/fur etc.) and set them in high quality jewellery grade resin. These special gems are expertly set in jewellery setting of your choice.  While these pieces of jewellery are very durable, we do have a set of care instructions we send out with each special piece. These care instructions will help you keep your treasures looking their best. 

Can I wear this jewellery every day?
The short answer is yes. The long answer is also yes, however you will need to follow the care instructions in order to keep your jewellery in good shape. Resin is robust and durable, but it can react to lots of direct sunlight or exposure to water and chemicals.  The nature of sterling silver and gold makes these pieces much more durable than plated jewellery. As such we recommend choosing a sterling silver or gold mounting for your item if you wish to wear it every day.

What is the current turnaround time?
Our turnaround time is usually 4-8 weeks from receiving your inclusions. Some pieces do take longer than others due to the design or materials being used, we will always keep you updated if there are any unexpected delays.

How should I send my elements to you?

Please post your inclusions to:
Iddy Biddy Buddah Designs
PO Box 11125
New Zealand


  • Cremation ashes - 1/4 teaspoon
  • Sand - 1/4 teaspoon
  • Hair/Fur - 2-3cm lock
  • Breast milk - 5 -30ml
  • Umbilical cord - 1cm length
  • Encapsulated Placenta - 1 pill
  • Flowers - 2-3 pressed or dried petals
  • Fabric - 2cm x 2cm


    • Double bag your elements in sealed ziploc bags (or similar).
    • Clearly write your full name and order number on the outer bag.
    • Wrap in tissue paper and place inside a card or letter envelope.
    • Include your return address.
    • If you are sending your parcel from outside of New Zealand you may need to complete a customs form (CN22 or PS2976). 
    • Please mark the contents as “Elements for keepsake jewellery making” and the value as $1 (or roughly equivalent in your local currency.) 

    We recommend posting all elements with a tracking service where possible.There is always a risk of items getting lost in the mail, so please only ever send a small portion of your DNA elements and keep the rest safe at home. We are not responsible for any loss during transit.



    Can I visit your studio?

    Due to health and safety reasons we can no longer take appointments at the studio. 

    Do your beads fit Pandora bracelets?

    Yes, our beads are large hole European style beads with an internal opening of approximately 4.5mm in diameter. They fit most of the popular charm bracelets that accommodate large hole beads.

    How do I find my ring size? 

    Ideally fingers should be sized properly by a professional jeweller using a ring sizer. Most jewellers offer this free service if you pop into a local store.  If this is not possible then the following guide may be used to estimate your size.

    • Find a piece of string or strip of paper no wider than 1.4 cm (1/2 inch).
    • Wrap it around the base of the appropriate finger.
    • Use a pen to mark the point on the string/paper where it overlaps, forming a complete circle.
    • With a ruler, measure the length from the starting end of the string/paper to the pen mark.
    • Use the chart below to determine your ring size.

    Hints for the most accurate measurement

    • After sliding the ring sizer on, make sure it slides off fairly easily over the knuckle.
    • Don't measure cold fingers. This is when fingers are their smallest
    • For the most accurate reading, measure the finger at the end of the day when the finger is the largest


    Who is responsible for paying customs fees/import tax?

    International orders may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. Buyers are responsible for paying these costs.

    What are the customs fees?

    Charges can vary widely between countries. We cannot predict which of these fees, if any, will be applied, and we cannot calculate or collect these fees or taxes when you place an order. Please check with your local customs office for further information. We are not responsible for any additional charges that may apply after a purchase is completed on 

    How do I pay customs fees?

    If your package is subject to customs fees, your package may be held at your local customs office. Contact your local customs office to find out how to pay.