Covid-19 Updates

Date 25/03/20   New Zealand Enters Level 4 Lock Down

At the moment it seems the news is moving a mile a minute! Here in New Zealand we are entering a level 4 lock down for at least 4 weeks. Whilst in lock down courier services will still be operating and I was hopeful that I could continue to receive supplies and send completed orders as usual. However, after further clarification, it has been made clear that mail and courier services are to be used for essential items only.

Although it is up to the person sending the parcel to decide if it is essential, on balance I cannot morally continue to send parcels at this time.


What does that mean for my order?

The short answer is, regrettably, there will be delays.

I have a few supply orders already in transit, at this point I am unsure if they will be delivered during the lock down period.

I will continue to work in my home studio on all the orders I have supplies for. Although there will sadly be significant delays getting your special keepsakes home to you, please rest assured that your DNA elements are safe and sound here with me.


I haven’t sent my DNA elements yet, can I still send them?

At this point it is unclear how NZ Post and courier services are prioritising mail delivery.

If you are outside of New Zealand, please also be aware that mail service disruptions may be happening in your local area and areas where mail may have to transit through. I would strongly suggest not posting anything to me until I contact you.

As soon as there are any further developments in relation to courier services I will let you know.

I would like to sincerely thank you for your understanding at this very strange time. I appreciate your continued support and can’t wait to get back to business as usual.

Take care, stay safe.



Date 23/03/20    **** New breast milk orders on hold *****


I hope you're all keeping well and safe out there. We are happy to say we are still running business as usual, post is being a little slower but will remain operational (even if a full lock-down occurs here in NZ).

Please rest assured, we have always had very stringent hygiene procedures whilst working with your precious inclusions and we will continue to keep all elements completely separate and will continue using all the relevant PPE whilst working.

We will continue creating your precious keepsakes, with one exception. For now we have stopped accepting any new breast milk keepsake orders.

Breast milk that has already been received is being processed as usual, but from today we will put this service on hold.

You may still place an order at any time and we will let you know when to send your sample to us.

If we all play our part during these strange times hopefully this will calm down sooner rather than later.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Take care! xx


Date 18/03/20   We are currently OPERATING AS USUAL with very little disruption to our day to day business here in New Zealand. 
A couple of supply deliveries have been delayed, but this has only impacted 2 customers who have already been informed.
So far there are no restrictions on NZ post or international mail, however this is a fast evolving situation so we will continue to update this page with any new information as it becomes available.
In the mean time we will continue to create your precious keepsakes and thank you for your continued support.
Stay safe!
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