Pregnancy Test Keepsake Charm Bead

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Many of us keep pregnancy tests for years, often in a box or drawer hidden away. These charm beads are the perfect way to turn your special pregnancy test strip into a wearable keepsake.

We recommend using a clear resin or a subtle shimmer.  
Tints, flecks, glitters and heavy shimmers will reduce the visibility of the test.

These keepsakes work best with first response pregnancy tests (pink 2 stripe tests) but will also work with clear blue tests. This will not work with digital tests.


How to order

1) Decide what DNA elements and shimmers, glitters or flecks you would like to include in each keepsake piece.

2) Place your order through our checkout.

3) Please include your colour choices and any design details to “Add a note to your order”.

4) You will receive an email with full instructions of how to post your precious elements to us.

5) We will let you know when your elements arrive with us.

6) Your keepsakes will be completed approximately 6-8 weeks from the date we received your elements.