Lariat Style Infinity Pearl Necklace

Lariat Style Infinity Pearl Necklace

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Lariat Style Infinity Pearl Necklace

This beautiful sterling silver keepsake necklace is the perfect piece for people wanting to have several different beads in one place. Each special pearl style bead can contain different elements such as locks of baby hair, umbilical cord flecks, pet fur or ashes.

The most popular DNA elements are:

- cremations ashes
- pet fur
- pet ashes
- breastmilk
- locks of baby hair
- umbilical cord flecks
- dehydrated placenta
- baby clothes fabric
- baby teeth
- wedding flowers
- wedding gown fabric
- grains of sand


We can work with almost any DNA element to create your most sentimental and unique piece of jewellery.

Choose from 1 to 4 beads on your necklace, each bead can have a different element and different colourings.


How to order

1) Decide what DNA elements and shimmers, glitters or flecks you would like to include in each keepsake piece. 

2) Place your order through our checkout. Please leave details of your elements and colour choices in “add note to your order”. 

3) We will email you with full instructions of how to post your precious elements to us.

4) We will let you know when we receive your elements.

5) Your precious keepsake will be created 6-8 weeks after receiving your elements.

If you have any questions please get in touch, we can't wait to create a special keepsake for you.