DNA Keepsake Cufflinks

DNA Keepsake Cufflinks

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DNA Keepsake Cufflinks - Solid Sterling Silver

These DNA keepsake cufflinks are perfect to keep your precious elements preserved and close by at all times.

From locks of baby hair or cremations ashes to grains of sand or baby umbilical cord flakes, we can make something special to include any of your treasured DNA elements.

These cuff links make excellent anniversary gifts and are perfect to preserve some wedding flower petals or perhaps sand or earth from the place you got married.

Some of our most popular inclusions are:

  • locks of hair
  • wedding flowers
  • pet fur
  • fragments of clothing
  • sand
  • cremations ashes
  • pet fur
  • pet ashes


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 Item Details


Resin colours: for shimmer, glitter and fleck choices please refer to our option charts

The jewellery grade resin used to enclose your precious elements can be tinted with any colour your heart desires and we offer a wide range of shimmers, glitters and flecks.

Current turn around time: 8-10 weeks from receiving your DNA inclusions. 


How to order

1) Decide what DNA elements and shimmers, glitters or flecks you would like to include in each keepsake piece.

2) Place your order through our checkout, adding details of elements and colour choices in “add note to order” section.

3) You will receive an email with full instructions of how to post your precious elements to us.

4) We will let you know when your DNA elements arrive in the studio.

5) Your finished items will be ready to send home to you approx. 8-10 weeks from the date we received your elements.