Fingerprint Pendant & Cufflinks Gift Set

Fingerprint Pendant & Cufflinks Gift Set

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Personalised Fingerprint Pendant and Cufflinks Gift Set

Have your loved one's fingerprints embossed in these lovely keepsakes to create fantastically unique gifts.

The pendants are available in round, oval, heart, square and teardrop shapes. (Please note: the pendants are stand alone pieces and do not include a chain/necklace).

There are two options for getting your fingerprints to us...

1) Make an appointment with us to make the fingerprint impressions in person (we are based in Auckland, New Zealand)

2) Have a fingerprint impression kit* posted to you. Our fingerprint impressions kit includes full instructions of how to take your impressions in the comfort of your own home. Simply post these impressions back to us and we will work our magic.

Please choose the correct option when you place your order.

As always please feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Item name: Personalised Fingerprint Pendant & Cufflinks Gift Set

Colours available: Pendants - Tibetan Silver.

Cufflinks: Silver or Gunmetal 

Fingerprints - copper, silver, gold, navy blue, pink, teal, lilac, blue.

Shapes available: Pendants - Round, Oval, Teardrop, Square, Heart.

Cufflinks - Round

Stock available: Made to order

Customisation available: yes

Current Turn Around Time: 6-8 weeks from receiving your fingerprints


*fingerprint impression kits contain enough moulding putty for 2 sets of fingerprints. If you require more than 2 sets of prints you may purchase additional kits at $10 each.