Our Story

Iddy Biddy Buddah Designs owner creator is Sam Small. Originally from the UK, Sam now lives with her family in beautiful New Zealand.
After studying 3D design at uni, she went on to spend the next few years enjoying life and working in various corporate roles in London.

After the birth of her daughter in 2013 Sam became interested with the concept of breastmilk jewellery. A few years ago she decided to use her creative skills and university training to try her hand at making a piece of breastmilk jewellery for herself. After much trial and error she finally found the magic formula that allows her to process and preserve the breastmilk in order to produce these special types of jewellery.

She enjoyed working with these elements so much that she decided to take it a step further and started making breastmilk and DNA keepsake jewellery for others. This is how Iddy Biddy Buddah Designs was born (little fun fact, Iddy Biddy Buddah is the nickname Sam gave her eldest baby.)

Sam now runs her successful DNA keepsake business, helping and serving customers worldwide.

Sam says she feels very honoured to be entrusted with her customer's treasured DNA elements as she creates their beautiful keepsake jewellery.

When she's not in the studio you can find her running around after her two young children or peacfully sipping a coffee by the beach (just kidding... she would still be running around after her children at the beach :-) )